Policeman's hanging body found in Tongi barracks

Sub-Inspector Milton Kundu’s body was found hanging from a ceiling fan when his colleagues broke into his room

Gazipur Correspondentbdnews24.com
Published : 18 Oct 2023, 06:25 AM
Updated : 18 Oct 2023, 06:25 AM

The body of a police officer has been found hanging from a ceiling fan in the barracks of Tongi West Police Station.

The incident took place around 10:30 pm on Tuesday, said Md Shah Alam, chief of Tongi West Police Station.

The dead officer was identified as Milton Kundu, a sub-inspector at the Tongi West Police Station. He was a native of Budhpasha Boigherhat in Netrokona.

The authorities suspect that Milton took his own life, but the motive for his actions can only be determined through a thorough investigation, according to Shah Alam.

Milton joined the police station on Oct 9, having previously served the Pubail Police Station in Gazipur.

Milton lived on the sixth floor of the barracks, said SI Md Saiful Islam.

He was scheduled for night duty but failed to appear. Concerned about his absence, his colleagues attempted to contact him, but their calls went unanswered. Subsequently, other officers went to the barracks and found Milton's room locked.

"They called him, but there was no response. They decided to break down the door only to find SI Milton Kundu hanging from the ceiling fan with a rope tightly wound around his neck," said Saiful.

During his tenure in Pubail, Milton was described as reserved and often lost in his thoughts, according to the station's chief Md Shafiqul Islam.

"He used to keep to himself. I attempted to talk to him about it and he told me that he was struggling with mental health problems."

Police will take the necessary legal steps to deal with the incident, said Shah Alam.