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Visitors flock to Hawaiian volcano to see lava flows
Dozens of people, including families with children in their pajamas, are arriving near the summit. Local artists are even showing up to paint renditions of the eruption
Sri Lanka hopes for tourism revival with 1.5 mln arrivals next year
Sri Lanka would likely end this calendar year with 750,000 tourist arrivals and about $2 billion in earnings, Tourism Minister Harin Fernando said
Doha's thriving food scene traces transformation before WC
Clients at Qatari restaurants this week include tourists in football jerseys who have descended on the country, where foreigners, mostly migrant workers, form the bulk of the 3 million population
Heathrow rules out passenger limits for Christmas
Heathrow, which had temporarily capped passenger numbers this year, said it was unlikely to return to pre-pandemic demand for several years except at peak times
Thailand's 'floating train' a big hit as dam waters rise
Tourists are enjoying the illusion of aquatic rail travel due to a post-monsoon rise in water levels
Unplugged in Bhimruli
For explorers at heart, sneaking out of Dhaka and experiencing Bangladesh’s scenic countryside is a true privilege
China considers shorter COVID quarantine for visitors
Officials are targeting a cut in the quarantine period to two days in a hotel and then five days at home, Bloomberg News reports
Small HK island offers haven from stress of living
The island offers valuable middle ground for people seeking to leave behind the stress accumulated from events like pro-democracy protests, national security crackdown or COVID curb
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
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