Travel & Tourism

Syrian tourism eyes expat uptick
Although security returned to Damascus years ago, big-spending foreign visitors have not, with Syria still fractured by war
Chinese tourists await Taiwan's 'return'
Tourists on the beaches of Pingtan Island are being treated to scenes of helicopters flying in formation and smoke trails from projectiles
Tourism workers strike as Indonesia hikes fee to see rare dragons
The fee to access two of the main islands of the Komodo national park shot up 18 times overnight to 3.75 million rupiah
Spain edges closer to pre-pandemic tourism levels
More than 7.5 million tourists visited Spain in June and they spent almost three times as much during their stay, National Statistics Institute data shows
Honduras launches 'Bitcoin Valley' in Santa Lucia
The small town in the mountains, 20 minutes from the capital Tegucigalpa, has become a bitcoin city, where people can pay for a slushie with crypto
US puts Bangladesh in ‘high’ COVID risk category for travel
The CDC asks Americans to make sure they are vaccinated and up to date with their COVID vaccines before travelling to Bangladesh
Chaos engulfs air travel in Europe
Strikes and staff shortages are forcing airlines to cancel thousands of flights and causing hours-long queues at major airports
UK holidaymakers face more long delays at Dover
Long traffic jams build up outside the Port of Dover, Britain's main gateway to Europe
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher