US report lists 'significant human rights' abuses in India
The findings come nearly a year after Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the US was monitoring what he described as a rise in human rights abuses in India
Kashmir gets first foreign investment from Dubai
Dubai’s Emaar Group is due to build a $60 million shopping and office complex in the region where Muslim separatists have for years battled the government
Maharashtra employees join protest for higher pension benefits
Workers are pushing for the restoration of a pension plan discontinued about two decades ago
India should keep lid on wheat exports: flour millers
Exports of the grain from India, the world's second biggest producer, surged after Russia's invasion of Ukraine boosted global prices
World should move on from Ukraine war, focus on poverty: India
Indian foreign minister has said Europe must grow out of the mindset that its problems are the world's problems
India court rejects compensation plea for Bhopal gas disaster victims
The country’s Supreme Court rejects the government's plea seeking compensation from Union Carbide Corporation for victims of one of the world's worst industrial disasters
Smuggled note exposes violence against women in Myanmar jail: lawyers, activists
The human rights minister in Myanmar's exiled parallel civilian government said authorities of a prison violated prison rules by using male guards to handle female inmates
Nannies on call, spas; India witnessing 'mad rush' for luxury housing
Property developers say spacey high-price apartments that come with add-ons like concierge services, spas, multi-level parking, large green open spaces and a heated pool have become the rage