Ronaldo talks up Saudi league's competitiveness
Ronaldo says he is certain that in the coming years the league will be the fourth, fifth or sixth most competitive in the world
Russian missiles batter Ukraine, but Bakhmut offensive stalling: experts
Russian missiles rain down Ukraine towns leaving at least nine people dead
Asteroid discovery suggests ingredients for life on Earth came from space
The new findings fit well with the hypothesis that bodies like comets, asteroids and meteorites that bombarded early Earth seeded the young planet with compounds that helped pave the way for the first ...
Indian rupee firms as Fed hints hiking cycle near its end
All Asian currencies traded higher, while the dollar index hit a seven-week low
Social media-driven bank runs burden regulators with a bigger problem
The fact that people can communicate much more quickly has changed the dynamic of bank runs and perhaps changed the way we have to think about liquidity risk management, an expert says
Erdogan tries to salvage economic credibility before Turkey's election
The economic cost of the devastating earthquakes that struck Turkey’s south on Feb 6 is estimated to be around $104 billion, adding to pressures on the economy
Storm leaves 5 dead from fallen trees in US
Lingering floods kept 14,000 people under evacuation orders after California's onslaught of rain, wind and mountain snow subsided
Messi eyes goal milestone after World Cup triumph
The Argentine could make it a night to remember if he can score one more goal to reach the 800-mark in his professional career, although his rival Cristiano Ronaldo remains the all-time leader with 82 ...