Ageing … and that ringing of the bell
In old age, there is always that battle between wanting to read as many books as you can and wanting to take a respite from reading
India's G20 presidency to promote the universal sense of one-ness
Housing one-sixth of humanity, and with its immense diversity of languages, religions, customs and beliefs, India is a microcosm of the world
Stop violence against women and girls
Violence in any form not only leads to physical injuries but it also has significant consequences on mental and emotional health
Europe’s gas storage peaks after record refill season
Europe’s record refill and plentiful inventories have left consumers in countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh at risk of gas shortages, rationing and power cuts this winter.
International Men’s Day: we care
Men and women both need to thrive equally if the world is to become a peaceful place
Global recession a bigger risk to Russia’s oil revenue than price cap
US and EU policymakers will not deliberately plunge their economies into a recession to intensify the economic pressure on Russia, and if their economies go into recession, Russia’s export revenues wi ...
Nov 7, 1975 and the wounding of Bangladesh
On and by Nov 7, 1975, all our good men lay dead. In the fast-gathering gloom, denizens of the dark engaged in bacchanalian celebrations of unbridled evil
Canada slams the door on China in critical minerals race
Three Chinese companies have fallen foul of Canada's newly beefed-up Investment Canada Act and must now divest their holdings
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher