Inside a graveyard of tyres
Once car and rickshaw tyres become unusable, they are recycled for various purposes. Not only are the metals lodged in the rubber recycled, but the tyres themselves can also be transformed into bitume ...
Red giant flying squirrel
Red giant flying squirrels have been spotted in the forests of Dighinala in Khagrachhari. The locals call the mammals “Chhalak”. The creatures were spotted at Kaptai National Park about a decade ago.
20 March, 2023
News in photos: 20 March
Commuters endure lengthy queues for buses
Early in the morning, commuters in Dhaka’s Mohammadpur experienced long waits as they struggled to board buses that were often overcrowded. With a limited number of buses plying the streets, the probl ...
Spring rain
The Dhaka sky clouded over on Sunday, Mar 23, in the first week of Chaitra. The capital experienced intermittent showers, sometimes coming down in a light drizzle and growing quite intense at others. ...
Watermelons at Wiseghat
Watermelon is growing ahead of the usual season at Old Dhaka’s Wiseghat, where the Buriganga River flows. Plenty of the summer fruit is being brought to the noted trading spot by launch and trawler fr ...
19 March, 2023
News in photos: 19 March
18 March, 2023
News in photos: 18 March