FBI sought nuclear documents in search of Trump's home
It was not clear if such documents were recovered from the former president's Florida residence
Thai authorities say the former military officer had no intention of seeking political asylum and would only stay temporarily
A speeding car rammed into the three-wheeler near the Army Stadium, leaving two others injured
One of them is laden with the first Ukrainian wheat to be exported under an UN-brokered deal, Turkey's defence ministry says
Lhasa in Tibet also tightens restrictions among the latest curbs to contain COVID clusters in the country
The pardon is largely symbolic, with Lee already out on parole after serving 18 months in jail for bribery
Australian economist and former Suu Kyi adviser Sean Turnell is expected to be tried alongside the deposed leader, who has also been detained since the coup
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher