Gaza ceasefire talks underway in Paris
Talks begin with Israel's head of Mossad intelligence service meeting separately with Qatar, Egypt and United States
Biden says the measures aim to ensure Putin pays an even steeper price for his aggression abroad and repression at home’
The younger daughter of late founder Latifur has filed three case in the legal battle over the ownership of the company
She questions the ‘double standards’ in the policies set by the Western powers towards the wars in Ukraine and Gaza.
Mediterranean sea crossings from North Africa to Italy or Malta are among the most dangerous migration routes in the world
Those accused in the cases filed by late founder Latifur’s daughter Shahzreh Huq include her sister Simeen Rahman, mother Shahnaz Rahman and Simeen’s son Zaraif Ayaat Hossain
She believes the deadly clashes during the BNP's rally on Oct 28 last year was 'part of a conspiracy to derail' the Jan 7 polls