Japanese women reckon with a vast pay gap
The country’s gender wage gap is the worst among the Group of Seven nations and almost double the OECD average
Equal opportunities for women are key to a better world: Pope
Francis has condemned discrimination against women in the past but, like his predecessors, he has ruled out a female clergy
New school textbook features transgender people
The textbook contains images of transgenders in respectable jobs, including a beautician, a development worker and an elected mayor, and the fictional story of a gender diverse child
Abused women find freedom in Kenyan village
Rebecca Lolosoli and 15 other women came together to form Umoja -- which means unity -- a village where men are banned
N Korean food shortage seems to be worsening: S Korea
A local newspaper reported that North Korea has cut rations to its soldiers for the first time in more than two decades
On Valentine's eve, two Russian newlyweds wait to be reunited
Alexander and Varvara were forced to come up with a new wedding plan after Putin announced a mobilisation of 300,000 men last year to boost Russia's flagging military effort in Ukraine
Turkish woman dies day after her rescue from quake rubble
She had been trapped for 104 hours since Monday's devastating earthquake, rescuers say
In a first for India, transgender couple become biological parents
The birth of the baby is a milestone for the nation, where transgender people continue to face discrimination and stigma despite being officially recognised as a ‘third gender’