Emeline Pouyet of Northwestern University (left) and Sandra Webster-Cook of the Art Gallery of Ontario set up an x-ray fluorescence instrument to scan the Picasso painting ‘La Miséreuse accroupie’. Art Gallery of Ontario via National Geographic
Painting hidden behind Picasso masterpiece

Scientists discover landscape by unknown artist, fulfilling a 1957 prediction by the painter

China’s next ideological front

Xi has consistently taken an ideological line stronger than any party leader since Mao

Rivers don’t belong to one state: India SC

It extinguishes origin states' claim of exclusive rights over the waters of an inter-state river

'Mujib-4' portrays Bangabandhu's Delhi sojourn

The fourth edition of the graphic novel series on Bangabandhu published

FILE PHOTO: The tapestry with the image of Pope Paul VI is unveiled as Pope Francis celebrates the mass for his beatification in St. Peter's square at the Vatican October 19, 2014. Reuters

Late Pope Paul VI to be made saint

He led the Roman Catholic Church during one of its most turbulent modern periods

Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), attends a conference on

IMF chief has ‘no objection’ to European plan

'Why not?' she says to European Monetary Fund plan

File Photo: The Oxfam logo is seen on a signage outside a store in Dalston in east London, Britain Nov 28, 2008. Reuters

Oxfam sex abuse criticism disproportionate: CEO

He apologises again over allegations of sexual abuse by Oxfam staff in Haiti

Staff dressed as flight attendants, help guests to wear virtual reality (VR) goggles at the

Flight that never takes off

Fasten your seatbelts for a flight departing to Paris, and never leave the ground

A group of men gather in front of a poster advertising the film

Nigerian fans celebrate 'Black Panther'

The movie features a predominantly black cast

Ibrahim Al Hussein (L) from Syria and Qutaiba Nafea from Iraq pose for the photographer ahead of an interview with Reuters about Karim Ainouz's Berlinale International Film Festival entry movie

Film shows refugees' lives at airport

Berlin repurposes a defunct airport to house them, creating an ad hoc village