Let’s wage a war on loneliness

Loneliness affects physical health in two ways

FILE PHOTO: Microsoft founder Bill Gates smiles while playing bridge with Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc, as part of the company annual meeting weekend in Omaha, Nebraska US, May 6, 2018. REUTERS

Bill Gates is world's
richest man again

He tops Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index

Thyrocare marks anniversary, US accreditation

It has recently become the first digitised lab in Bangladesh to achieve the College of American Pathologists accreditation

Passengers walk on the railway after service was suspended because of disruptions carried out by protesters in the Sha Tin area in Hong Kong, Nov 12, 2019. Months of antigovernment protests and increasingly violent clashes with the police have upended daily life in the global financial hub, with the potential to alter the city’s character. The New York Times

Inside HK’s battle-ready campuses

Classrooms may be empty, but universities are bustling with preparation for confrontations with the police

A coal-fired power plant in Mannheim, Germany, Oct 28, 2018. Germany has enshrined its fight against climate change into law in a bid to meet its targets under the Paris Agreement, approving a raft of measures including a $60 billion spending package, a fee system for carbon emissions and taxes to make flying more expensive. The New York Times

Germany passes climate-protection law

It aims to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions to meet Paris Agreement targets

In a new book, Fatima Bhutto writes about the values and stories conveyed in Bollywood films, Turkish soap operas and South Korean pop music, and examines how they are eclipsing American soft power. The New York Times

Rise of Bollywood, K-pop and Turkish TV

Journalist Fatima Bhutto explains how the biggest migration in human history is affecting the dominance of American culture

Fuad returns with new album

Six female singers will lend their vocals on the record featuring leading musicians from around the globe

Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco, Sep 19, 2019. Twitter has said it will ban all political ads. But what is or isn’t a political message is often in the eye of the beholder. The New York Times

What ads are political?

Twitter struggles with a definition


Planes with onion to arrive in two days: PM

The government has decided to fly in the cooking ingredient to quell rising prices

Newton District Court, where Judge Shelley Joseph, a former prosecutor and defence attorney, was a visiting judge at the courthouse, occasionally hearing cases on Tuesdays, in Newton, Mass., on Thursday, Oct 10, 2019. The New York Times

Judge who let man elude ICE is now in dock

The federal prosecutor in Boston took the highly unusual step of charging the judge with obstruction of justice, setting off a debate over whether and how states can refrain from carrying out President Donald Trump’s immigration policy

Yvan Sagnet as Jesus Christ, in a scene from “The New Gospel,

Would Jesus stand with migrants?

In his telling of the life of Christ, director Milo Rau seeks answers to some questions like this