Tasneem Hossain

Tasneem Hossain is a multilingual poet, columnist, op-ed and fiction writer, translator and training consultant. She is the Director of Continuing Education Centre, Bangladesh.
Tasneem Hossain
Stop violence against women and girls
Violence in any form not only leads to physical injuries but it also has significant consequences on mental and emotional health
International Men’s Day: we care
Men and women both need to thrive equally if the world is to become a peaceful place
Halloween: the spooky, sugary night
There are a number of fun activities associated with Halloween. It’s celebrated with trick-or-treating, spooky costumes, jack-o-lanterns and scary movies which are quite different from the original Ha ...
Plain language for effective communication in English - Part 2
The necessity of plain language is undeniable. It’s crucial for effective communication in all spheres of life
Plain language for effective communication in English - Part 1
The main goal of using plain language is to put your message across clearly, quickly and effectively to your reader
Smile and be happy
Smiling is one of the very few human gestures that cross language barriers around the globe
Daughters: a divine gift
For centuries, gender discrimination has been widespread within communities across the globe. Most families prefer to have sons rather than daughters
Gratitude fosters abundance in life
In most religions, gratitude plays a unique role as a foundation for having a good life
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