The Year of the Rabbit
At Lunar New Year, it's traditional to give a bright red envelope, known as hóngbāo, to children hoping for a year of good fortune
Netaji: Great Bengali, proud Indian, supreme patriot
In an era of historical distortions or frequent misreadings of history, the resolve of Indians to keep Netaji on a high pedestal is remarkable
Europe faces more high gas prices next winter
Given the relatively small volume of gas that can be stored, the inventory system cannot provide both seasonal and strategic storage at the same time
Bangabandhu comes home to his Bangladesh …
Jan 10 has been a significant point of light in Bangladesh’s national history
Happy New Year 2023! Embrace with love and gratitude
Whether it’s happiness or sorrow, all teach us that nothing is permanent
Boxing Day perks: charity and shopping
Some believe that it got its name from the fact that alms boxes placed in churches for collection of donations on Christmas Day were traditionally opened the next day
History’s first Bengali government comes home …
The provisional government of Bangladesh, formed in a remote region of Meherpur in Chuadanga district on Apr 17, 1971, holds a special place in history
India's economic slowdown will dampen energy growth in 2023
High energy prices, rapid inflation, rising interest rates and a slowing trade cycle take their toll
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher