The world of Buddhadeva Bose
Over four decades since his time as a student at Dhaka University, Buddhadeva Bose remains an inspiration for students of English literature
Celebrating the splendour of the surrounding
Steadfast may be the term more appropriate in denoting Tajuddin Ahmed’s stylistic approach to preserve the personal hallmark of his works.
Equity for equality
Equity recognises that each person is different and has different circumstances to cope with
How safe is the online space for women and girls?
Effective implementation of laws and policies is one of the prerequisites for preventing and curbing cyber harassment and bullying
Impact of social media on body image
Though social media can negatively affect body image, mood, and overall mental health, it can also have effects on promoting body positivity
March 1971: As a lapsed teenager remembers
In those days, as Bangabandhu’s birthday approached, newspapers in West Pakistan seemed to be tripping over one another in pouring encomiums on him
Abdur Rob Boga Mia, a torchbearer for progressive politics
Boga Mia was regarded as one of the most influential figures in Pabna during the 1971 war due to his leadership and organising capabilities
Ekushey 1971 … and Bangabandhu’s warnings
Bangabandhu’s warnings on the morning of Feb 21 at the Shaheed Minar were grounded in his belief that a vast conspiracy was at work to prevent the Awami League from taking power