Kosovo violence gives NATO, Europe an unwanted crisis
Calls for the Kosovo authorities to de-escalate and all sides to avoid inflammatory rhetoric appear to have fallen on deaf ears
Save our planet: #BeatPlasticPollution
According to the UN, 11 million tonnes of plastic waste flow annually into lakes, rivers and oceans
Henry Kissinger at 100: controversial policymaker and brilliant scholar
A particular aspect of the Kissinger personality has been the ruthlessness and arrogance with which he has treated subordinates
Pakistan’s judges: A brief history
In Pakistan’s history -- and one goes back to the pre-1971 days -- tales of judges in various modes of behaviour are aplenty
Leapfrogging in life through ChatGPT
Right now, we cannot precisely say when ChatGPT will make inroads into Bangladesh’s financial market. But definitely, in future, it will help companies like Nagad better their products and services
Angels in disguise
International Nurses Day is celebrated to highlight and honour the invaluable contributions of nurses in health care and global health security
The chaos Dr Imtiaz's book has caused
Unless the squalid contents in the book are turned around, we shall face irretrievable stumbling blocks everywhere, including in UNESCO and the UN General Assembly
The message of hope and peace
The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is the largest humanitarian network with millions of volunteers worldwide