Low-carbon culture? Energy transitions urged to prioritise people
Getting money from donors to people in need poses a challenge to achieving a low carbon footprint
At the mercy of gangs and hunger, Haitians survive on remittances
Many families are sharing or skipping meals, and not sending their children to school because they can no longer afford to
Indian tycoon Adani's mega port hangs in the balance amid protests
A simple 1,200 square-feet structure stands in the way of ambitions for the country's first container transhipment port
Somalis are dying of hunger, but why no famine declaration?
More than $2.2 billion is needed to provide food, water, shelter, health and sanitation and other support to drought-hit communities
From sex workers to bakers, Twitter business users fear losses
Self-employed people and small businesses that use Twitter as a marketing platform are anxious that upheaval at the platform could disrupt their incomes
COP27 debate reopens old wounds
Rich nations are attempting to weaken the unity of 134 developing countries that have teamed up for a new fund to tackle worsening ‘loss and damage’
Can Indonesia ditch coal?
A coalition of rich nations pledged $20 billion of public and private finance to help Indonesia retire its coal power plants sooner than planned
China's freeze on Taiwan contact fuels worry as tensions build
The lack of dialogue has become more concerning as cross-strait tensions have intensified, according to a security researcher
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher