Syria's war shattered their lives, Turkey's quake crushed their hopes
Two massive earthquakes shattered the fragile existence of Syria's diaspora in Turkey and left many in despair
UBS swallows doomed Credit Suisse, casting shadow over Switzerland,
The Credit Suisse rescue, orchestrated with public money, shows banks' continued vulnerability and how their problems can quickly rebound on their home country
How are war crimes in Ukraine being investigated?
The International Criminal Court has led the most high-profile investigations into the most prominent suspects, looking into war crimes as well as broader crimes against humanity and genocide
Saddam Hussein fell. Then violence in Iraq spiralled
The United States promised to deliver a thriving democracy and prosperous economy -- a sharp contrast to Saddam's rule but instead, more violence followed
Canada immigration: Why record asylum seekers are crossing US border
A rise in asylum seekers entering Canada through unofficial crossings is intensifying the pressure on the US and Canada to close off the entire land border to most asylum seekers
As African kids died, doctors fought for ban on toxic Indian syrup
A known toxin lurked in the syrup taken by children in Gambia and doctors face a fight to prove it
Nuclear submarine plan aims to give Australia strategic edge to deter China
Australia is expected to buy up to five US Virginia class submarines in the 2030's, before building a new British-designed submarine
UK's early retired resist calls to work
The shrinking labour force is a headache for the government as it reduces economic capacity and fans wage demands and inflation