John Kemp

John Kemp is a Reuters market analyst. leads a group of specialist energy and commodities analysts for Reuters. His expertise lies in oil and gas, refining, energy policy, international trade, and the financial and foreign policy aspects of energy. Before joining Reuters in 2008, John worked as a senior analyst for Sempra Commodities, now part of JPMorgan. And, prior to that, he spent five years focusing on all aspects of the international economy as well as North American public policy for consultancy Oxford Analytica. John holds a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) from Oxford University.
John Kemp
Europe’s gas storage peaks after record refill season
Europe’s record refill and plentiful inventories have left consumers in countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh at risk of gas shortages, rationing and power cuts this winter.
Global recession a bigger risk to Russia’s oil revenue than price cap
US and EU policymakers will not deliberately plunge their economies into a recession to intensify the economic pressure on Russia, and if their economies go into recession, Russia’s export revenues wi ...
US economy on course for a relatively hard landing
By continuing to increase interest rates aggressively even as the business cycle loses momentum rapidly, the central bank is piloting the economy towards a relatively hard landing
China’s reliance on gas imports threatens security
China had become the world’s fourth-largest gas producer by 2021 but it was also the third-largest consumer
Dollar shock threatens global economy
Central banks are all raising interest rates or intervening to support their currencies even though local conditions are far weaker
How to respond to food and energy shortages – a short guide for policymakers
A government that cannot ensure the steady supply of food and energy at prices its citizens can afford to pay is likely to face political and social unrest
EU prepares public opinion for winter gas siege
European Union policymakers have started to prepare the public for siege conditions this winter if gas supplies from Russia are completely cut
US consumers sour on inflation despite financial cushion from pandemic
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