Peter Apps

is a writer on international affairs, globalisation, conflict and other issues. He is the founder and executive director of the Project for Study of the 21st Century; PS21, a non-national, non-partisan, non-ideological think tank. Paralysed by a war-zone car crash in 2006, he also blogs about his disability and other topics. He was previously a reporter for Reuters and continues to be paid by Thomson Reuters. Since 2016, he has been a member of the British Army Reserve and the UK Labour Party.
Peter Apps
Kosovo violence gives NATO, Europe an unwanted crisis
Calls for the Kosovo authorities to de-escalate and all sides to avoid inflammatory rhetoric appear to have fallen on deaf ears
AI comes of age on jets and ships, prompting fears about where it's headed
Currently, AI is at its best when it is dealing with machines and objects. Attempts to understand human activity, experts say, will inevitably lag behind
With TV screen by river, Russia subtly threatens NATO
While occupants of the Kremlin have long argued their focus remains defensive, for Russia’s neighbours the consequence has often felt more like subjugation
Global ammunition race may decide Ukraine war
Reports from the frontline suggest some Ukrainian units equipped with Soviet-calibre artillery have been restricted to firing only once or twice a day
From US to China and Europe, Saudi seizes the diplomatic moment
Four years after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia is taking advantage of the energy crisis sparked by the Ukraine war to rehabilitate and reposition itself with diplomatic partners
A year after Kabul's fall, has West learnt its lessons?
For almost 20 years, the United States, Britain and their NATO allies ploughed troops and more than $1 trillion into Afghanistan
A year after Kabul's fall, has West learnt its lessons?
The lessons of last year's rout, however, go well beyond Afghanistan as the national security establishments of Washington and its allies have refocused hard, driven by Russia's invasion of Ukraine an ...
Pelosi visit supercharges global US-China Taiwan chess game
Beijing followed the Pelosi visit with a flurry of trade bans on companies and institutions it accused of supporting "Taiwan independence"