Peter Apps

is a writer on international affairs, globalisation, conflict and other issues. He is the founder and executive director of the Project for Study of the 21st Century; PS21, a non-national, non-partisan, non-ideological think tank. Paralysed by a war-zone car crash in 2006, he also blogs about his disability and other topics. He was previously a reporter for Reuters and continues to be paid by Thomson Reuters. Since 2016, he has been a member of the British Army Reserve and the UK Labour Party.
Peter Apps
Year of elections, especially in US, to shape Ukraine, Gaza and wider conflicts
About two billion people in at least 50 countries will hold elections in 2024, including in India, Russia, Britain, the European Union and across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas
US and allies face tough choices amid growing Red Sea crisis
The coming weeks will require the world’s merchant shipping lines and navies to find a way to reopen the Red Sea ideally without a wider conflict
Mideast powers play complex politics amid raging Gaza war
This war will still yield more bloodshed, but all players will already be looking to shape things to their advantage when it is over
Amid Ukraine and China focus, US pulled back into Middle East
The US is flying high-tech weapons to Israel, only months after it pulled thousands of artillery shells from its stockpiles there to ship them to Ukraine
Hamas assault on Israel shows surprise still possible in AI era
In concealing their attack, Hamas will have been helped by conditions in the Gaza Strip, where Hamas seized power in 2007
From Ukraine to Taiwan, satellite firms wrangle with geopolitics in space
Analysts, defence and tech experts say that has supercharged an already growing international appetite for alternative secure satellite communications
US looks to mass-produce drones ahead of any major conflict
Pentagon's new "Replicator" programme, aims at galvanising the US into delivering thousands of cheap, smart combat drones for any future conflict
From carriers to commanders, US Navy trainers simulate a global war
In the 2010s, the US contemplated the idea of fighting both China and Russia at the same time