How govt tries to avert a food crisis
The government takes up a massive data-gathering and assessment project to determine how unused lands can be made usable for agriculture
Costly fertilisers, diesel threaten farmers’ hope of profits
Transport and labour costs have increased as well
Israel harnessing DNA to enhance food supply
Scientists are creating a gene bank from the seeds of local wild crops, some that have survived since the birth of agriculture, which may help farmers deal with a harsher climate in the coming decades
Bangladesh needs to double agricultural output by 2030: minister
Bangladesh must overcome the obstacles posed by climate change and achieve self-sufficiency in nutrition, says Md Shahab Uddin
Consumers still wary of GM wheat
Australia grows and exports GM cotton and canola, and the country in May approved Bioceres' biotech wheat for use in foods
Asian farmers plant to boost palm oil output
Traditional growers in Indonesia and Malaysia, which account for more than 80% of the global palm oil output, are focusing on replacing old oil palm trees that are less productive
World rice supplies to cushion impact of Pakistan, China crop losses
Abundant supplies in key exporters may offset the drop in output after floods in Pakistan and severe heatwave in China damaged crops, capping any gains in prices
China's farmers struggle to save crops
As many as 66 rivers across 34 counties in Chongqing have dried up, while weather service data showed a district in the region to be the country's hottest, hitting 45 degrees Celsius
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher