California farmers flood their fields in order to save them
California swings between disastrous drought and raging floodwaters. This season has been especially rainy, with 12 atmospheric rivers pounding California since late December
African farmers count the cost of fertiliser price spike
Sanctions on entities within major fertiliser exporter Russia and a jump in the gas price have pushed up prices of crop nutrients globally in the last year
Weather threatens Indian winter crops just before harvesting
Winter-sown crops have already been under stress because of above-normal temperatures and maturing early, according to a farmer in Rajasthan
Activists accuse India of lapses in genetically modified mustard approval
During its evaluation and approval for GM mustard, the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee violated bio safety regulations, said the Coalition of GM-free India
Bangladesh farmers swap rice for vegetables
More farmers are growing vegetable crops instead of paddy as climate change results in less rainfall and groundwater
How hybrid wheat could lead to more food without GMO fears
The use of this hybrid technology allows breeders to choose the best traits from two parent seeds to produce offspring that contain the positive characteristics of both
GM technology important for food security: India
For importing vegetable oils last fiscal year, the South Asian country spent a record $19 billion, which can be reduced using the technology
Ukraine grain exports down 29.6% at 18.1m T so far in 2022/23
Ukraine could harvest about 51 million tonnes of grain this year, down from a record 86 million tonnes in 2021 due to the loss of land to Russian forces and lower yields