Cold snap helps India's wheat crop but warm weather forecasts pose risk
Hot and unseasonably warm weather cut the nation's wheat output in 2022 and 2023, leading to a sharp drawdown in state reserves
Forced to diversify, Guatemalan farmers plant climate-hardy beans
As climate change causes more frequent and severe droughts, farmers are struggling to cope with dwindling crop yields that mean less food to eat, and in the worst cases, hunger
Dwindling jhum crop production sparks concern in Khagrachhari
Climate change, soil depletion, repetitive land use, and a reluctance to adopt improved crop varieties are blamed for the production decline
Asian crops output forecast lower as El Nino strengthens
El Nino is a warming of Pacific waters which typically results in drier conditions over Asia and excessive rains in parts of North and South America
Robust rains accelerate rice planting in India
India ordered a halt to its largest rice export category that will roughly halve shipments by the world's largest exporter of the grain
How El Nino threatens emerging market economies
India and Egypt are among the economies that are overall most vulnerable to El Nino's impact this year
Farmers hope for good yield from early harvest in Haor
There was no let up even on Eid as they continued cutting, drying, boiling and moving the crops
Paddy catches fungus with fears of heat shock rising
BRRI has warned farmers about the possibility of heat shock ruining the grains and asked them to retain water in the croplands