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Keeping doctors in rural areas

The US has devised programmes to ensure doctors stay in rural areas, a problem chronic to Bangladesh

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RAB beyond redemption?

Human Rights Watch has asked the prime minister to disband RAB, arguing reforming the elite police unit will be pointless as 'it has developed a culture of operating above the law without civilian accountability'. Do you agree?


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  • Yes - 36%

  • No - 64%


Total number of votes: 766

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Brazil's new manager Dunga, whose full name is Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri, at a news conference in Rio de Janeiro July 22, 2014. Reuters

Dunga is Brazil manager

Brazil's 1994 World Cup winner is 'immensely happy' to be their coach for the second time

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GP revenue grows 8%

The teleco’s user base has grown to 49.23 million

Gaza death toll 609

Israel's relentless Operation Protective Edge targeting the Gaza Strip has wounded 3,720 Palestinians so far

Beyonce, Jay Z to split?

The couple are said to be working out a way to break-up without divorcing