No Hifazat mayhem case on trial

Two years have passed after the siege but police probes remain incomplete


Full tax break for 5 years?

Dhaka Stock Exchange has demanded converting the gradually decreasing five-year tax holiday to 100 percent to help the capital market emerge from the recession. Do you think it will prop up the market?


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  • Yes - 61%

  • No - 39%


Total number of votes: 110

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Political unrest hurts GP

The operator earns Tk 5.4 billion net profit in the quarter 

40 migrants reported drowned in Mediterranean

Some of the 194 survivors, originally from Ghana, Mali, Gambia, Senegal and the Ivory Coast, said the drownings occurred on Sunday

Elizabeth Banks takes director's chair in

Elizabeth Banks makes debut as director

Banks had previously directed short films but "Pitch Perfect 2' is her first time in the director's chair for a major feature film