No lead in Farooqi murder

Eight months have passed after the murder of the TV show host and Islamic Front leader


Extra tax for the rich?

A pre-budget discussion has proposed to tax people who are member of posh clubs and own personal cars, air conditioners. Do you support the idea?


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  • Yes - 70%

  • No - 30%


Total number of votes: 40

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US retailer Seduka blacklisted

The BGMEA’s decision was made on request from the Bangladesh Bank

40 migrants reported drowned in Mediterranean

Some of the 194 survivors, originally from Ghana, Mali, Gambia, Senegal and the Ivory Coast, said the drownings occurred on Sunday

Elizabeth Banks takes director's chair in

Elizabeth Banks makes debut as director

Banks had previously directed short films but "Pitch Perfect 2' is her first time in the director's chair for a major feature film