Avijit Roy and Rafida Ahmed Bonya. Photo taken from Facebook

Bonya wins The Bobs award

Rafida Ahmed Bonya, whose husband and fellow blogger Avijit Roy was murdered, has won Deutsche Welle’s ‘The Bobs – Best of Online Activism 2015’ award


Strategy was the difference?

Health Minister Mohammed Nasim says 'good planning' after defeats in the past five elections, not rigging as the BNP claims, helped Awami League win this time. Do you agree?


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  • Yes - 89%

  • No - 11%


Total number of votes: 317

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BB for interest cut on loans

The central bank says lending rates remain high despite a cut in interest on deposits

Nepal relief goods held up at customs

Bureaucracy at Kathmandu airport is holding up vital supplies for survivors of the earthquake

'Star Wars' spinoff loses director

Josh Trank says he is stepping down from the project to pursue other ‘creative opportunities’