Gulshan, Sholakia gun source ‘traced’

IGP, however, did not disclose details for the ‘sake of the investigations’



A combination photo shows Yahoo logo in Rolle, Switzerland (top) in 2012 and a Verizon sign at a retail store in San Diego, California, US, in 2016. Reuters

Verizon to buy Yahoo's core business

The company says it has agreed to buy Yahoo’s core internet business

Police photograph a flat where the 27-year-old Syrian suspect lived, after an explosion in Ansbach near Nuremberg, Germany, July 25, 2016. Reuters

Unclear if Syrian bomber was Islamist or not

A 27-yr-old man sets off bomb outside music festival killing himself, wounding 12 others in German town

Salman Khan is arguably Bollywood's biggest star and his latest film grossed over $74 million in two weeks. Reuters

Salman Khan acquitted in poaching case

High Court acquits the Bollywood actor of killing endangered species of gazelle