Sundarban Hotel at risk after road subsidence

Authorities evacuate the building after part of its boundary wall and the street beside it collapses alongside a construction site at Karwan Bazar


Only protest forces action?

Speaking at an anti-sexual harassment rally, human-rights campaigner Khushi Kabir says the police and administration take nothing seriously until protests erupt. Do you agree with her?


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  • Yes - 97%

  • No - 3%


Total number of votes: 73

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Rangpur lychees, a delicacy of the northern district, have flooded Dhaka’s Karwan Bazar fruit market.

Fruit traders cautious this year

Lessons learnt from last year’s anti-formalin drives seem to be influencing trading in Karwan Bazar

‘Over 2,500 migrants still adrift’

More than 2,500 migrants could still be stranded on boats in the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea, according to estimates by the UN.

Blues legend BB King performs onstage during the 45th Montreux Jazz Festival. Photo: Reuters

​‘Homicide probe into BB King's death’

Officials say after two of his daughters level accusations that the blues great was murdered