‘Lutfur exploited faith’

A Times magazine report says a judge found Lutfur Rahman exploited his faith to manipulate voters to elect him


Eye on spending a must?

The EC that set limits now says it is impossible to keep an eye on how much money candidates are spending. But several mayor aspirants allege the spending spree is going unchecked in the absence of monitoring by the watchdog . Do you agree with them?


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  • Yes - 80%

  • No - 20%


Total number of votes: 46

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United resumes domestic flights

The domestic airline’s pilots are on strike seeking outstanding salaries

Germany calls Armenian massacre 'genocide'

The German parliament overwhelmingly approved a resolution branding the mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turkish forces as "genocide"

BBC automobile program Top Gear presenters James May (L), Jeremy Clarkson (C) and Richard Hammond pose outside 10 Downing Street in London November 29, 2011. Reuters

James May says won't return without Clarkson

The ‘Top Gear’ host says he will not return without co-host Jeremy Clarkson, sacked by the BBC