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China, India on 'same page' on Bangladesh!

Gowher Rizvi says China and India both encourage Bangladesh to have good relations with each other

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MEPs misinformed?

Information Minister Hasanul Haque Inu has dismissed the European Parliament's call to end RAB’s “impunity”, saying “there is no such provision” for the elite force before commenting that its resolution is misinformed and unacceptable. Do you agree?


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  • Yes - 57%

  • No - 43%


Total number of votes: 51

Eid Festival 2014 ad

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Alliance grants additional funds

The clothing retailers group Alliance has granted $20 million for garment factory remediation

'Iran has role tackling IS'

John Kerry tells a UN Security Council meeting that the country has part to play in the global coalition to tackle Islamic State

A minute with Jane Fonda

The actress freely admits she doesn't have what it takes to do comedy improv