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Protests as Sayedee spared death sentence

Bangladesh's highest appeals court waters down the top Jamaat leader’s death sentence to lifetime in jail

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Tourism evil?

Opposing plans to develop the CHT region into a tourist resort, indigenous people’s leader Santu Larma says tourism will destroy the lives of the hills people. Do you agree with him?


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  • Yes - 28%

  • No - 72%


Total number of votes: 210

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‘Regional link will make FDI fruitful’

The prime minister invites foreign entrepreneurs to invest in Bangladesh

Iraqi army launches offensive on IS in three cities

The offensives in Ramadi, Falluja and Haditha in the western province of Anbar started before dawn, security sources in the three cities said

Schwarzenegger 'interested in' Tamil films

He says he will love to work someday with Shankar, director of Tamil magnum opus "I"