Ballot stamping at Kabi Nazrul College centre during Dhaka South city polls

Rules burying irregularities

Complaints from the defeated city polls candidates are still pouring in at the EC


Full tax break for 5 years?

Dhaka Stock Exchange has demanded converting the gradually decreasing five-year tax holiday to 100 percent to help the capital market emerge from the recession. Do you think it will prop up the market?


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  • Yes - 60%

  • No - 40%


Total number of votes: 45

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Political unrest hurts GP

The operator earns Tk 5.4 billion net profit in the quarter 

7.4 magnitude quake hits
Papua New Guinea

The quake struck south of the town of Rabaul setting off a tsunami warning

A fan awaits the start of the European premiere of 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' at Westfield shopping centre in Shepherds Bush, London April 21, 2015. Reuters

Second biggest opening for 'Avengers'

The film has pulled in an estimated $627 million globally in 12 days of its release