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Eat well for a good check-up

President Abdul Hamid has a hearty meal with those in his entourage at London's iconic South Asian restaurant

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Mirza Abbas has alleged that ruling Awami League leaders are making 'provocative' remarks on the BNP’s movement to have 'more cases filed' against its leaders and activists. Do you agree with him?


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  • Yes - 19%

  • No - 81%


Total number of votes: 289

Eid Festival 2014 ad

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India cuts onion export price

The price drops to $300 from $500 per tonne UPDATES

Aid convoy to Ukraine cross back into Russia

The trucks start crossing back after igniting a storm of anger in Western capitals a day earlier by entering without Kiev's permission

'Mardaani' - a world of crime and heartbreak

Shivani Roy is neither Chulbul Pandey nor Singham but in many ways gutsier than both