Actor Shakib seeks to file digital security case against film producer Rahmat Ullah

Earlier, the actor filed another case against the film producer bringing allegations of ‘extortion and death threats’ against him

Published : 27 March 2023, 09:50 AM
Updated : 27 March 2023, 09:50 AM

Actor Shakib Khan has submitted a plea to file a case under the Digital Security Act against Rahmat Ullah, an Australian expatriate and co-producer of the film "Operation Agneepath".

The actor sought to start the case at the cyber tribunal in Dhaka on Monday, his lawyer Abu Bakar Farhad said.

Tribunal Judge AKM Zulfikar Hayat kept the decision pending after hearing the actor’s plea.

Earlier on Mar 23, the actor filed a case against Rahmat Ullah, bringing allegations of ‘extortion and death threats’ against him. The court later summoned Rahmat to appear before it on Apr 26.

Shakib’s lawyer Md Khairul Hasan said at that time that the actor would file another case against the film producer and they would disclose information on the matter afterwards.

Ashikur Rahman is the director of ‘Operation Agneepath', while actress Shiba Ali Khan played the heroine opposite Shakib in the movie. The film started production five years ago, but has yet to be released.

Recently, Rahmat returned to Dhaka on Mar 15 and made various allegations against Shakib to film-related organisations, accusing the actor of 'raping' the film's co-producer, as well as causing financial loss to the project by not attending shoots properly.

Shakib visited the offices of Dhaka Metropolitan Police's Detective Branch to discuss the allegations of rape and other misconduct levelled against him by the film producer after failing to start a case over the matter with Gulshan police. Later, the law enforcers advised him to file the case with a Dhaka court.