Hasina orders activation of Dhaka's traffic signals to ease congestion

She highlights the positive impact of initiatives such as the metro rail and the elevated expressway on easing the city's traffic woes

Staff Correspondent
Published : 23 Feb 2024, 09:11 AM
Updated : 23 Feb 2024, 09:11 AM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has emphasised the need to efficiently operate Dhaka's traffic light system in an effort to alleviate congestion in the city.

"I spoke with the inspector general of police on Thursday and asked him to activate the traffic lights and operate the system in an orderly manner," she said on Friday during a media briefing on her recent visit to Germany.

"If we can run the traffic light system properly, we can prevent long waits at intersections, keeping traffic moving smoothly," she added.

Hasina also highlighted the impact of her government's initiatives, such as the metro rail and the elevated highway, in alleviating the intense traffic woes that once plagued Dhaka's streets.

"The introduction of the metro rail and parts of the elevated expressway has already made traffic jams more bearable. But we still have traffic jams in parts of the city. It will improve further when the expressway becomes fully operational."

The premier also outlined plans to introduce five additional metro rail routes in Dhaka.

She also took a swipe at the government's critics, saying, "There's a quarter that doesn't like anything we do. Yet they don't hesitate to take advantage of new facilities once they become available."