Author Zakir Talukder returns Bangla Academy Literary Award

He criticises the management of the academy, citing concerns about its 'undemocratic' nature and declining standards

Published : 28 Jan 2024, 09:09 AM
Updated : 28 Jan 2024, 09:09 AM

Prominent fiction writer Zakir Talukder has returned his Bangla Academy Literary Award, which he received in 2014, expressing dissatisfaction with the management of the institution.

He revealed his decision on Sunday, citing concerns about the academy's 'undemocratic' and 'bureaucratic' nature, as well as its declining standards.

Talukder said the absence of elections for over two decades and the appointment of the executive council based on personal preferences have diminished the academy's stature.

"When the quality of an institution deteriorates, its awards lose their significance," he said.

Consequently, he returned both the award crest and the accompanying cheque.

When contacted, Muhammad Nurul Huda, the director general of Bangla Academy, said that the academy has not officially received any information regarding Talukder's decision.

Talukder, 59, was raised in Natore and is a doctor by profession. He also holds a Master's degree in health economics. He has worked in various private medical and research institutions.

Known for his unique prose style, Talukder's works often blend mythology with religious, social, and political themes.

His notable works include 'Kursinama', 'Musalmanmangal', 'Pitregon', 'Kabi o Kamini', and 'Mrityugandhi'. He has also authored more than three dozen books encompassing stories, essays, rhymes, and translations.