Newly sworn state ministers say they are eager to repay PM's faith

One of them goes: "I will not look at anyone's face in carrying out my duties, I will do whatever needs to be done for the welfare of the people of the country.”

Published : 1 March 2024, 07:19 PM
Updated : 1 March 2024, 07:19 PM

The newly appointed state ministers are thrilled. They want to repay the trust the prime minister has placed in them.

On Friday, at Bangabhaban, the new seven took their oath and then faced the media. Most of them said although they are new to the responsibilities, they have an understanding of how the ministry works.

Nazrul Islam Chowdhury, who got the portfolio of labour and employment, said: "I will not look at anyone's face in carrying out my duties, I will do whatever needs to be done for the welfare of the people of the country.”

When he made this statement, Nazrul had not yet received his ministry responsibilities. At that time, he said, “It seems I will be given the responsibility for labour and employment. In that case, I have some experience. I was in the (parliamentary) standing committee (on the ministry) for five years.

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"Here, there is a target of creating three million jobs within 30 years, this project is very urgent, work needs to be done on this matter."

Naheed Ezaher Khan, who was thrust into cultural affairs, said: "This is my second time in parliament. The honourable prime minister has kept faith in me and has given me new responsibilities. I will try my best to fulfil it 100 percent."

Waseqa Ayesha Khan, who got finance, said, "I have been fulfilling various responsibilities in parliament for the last 10 years. I was in the tenth and eleventh parliament. In the eleventh, I was the chairman of the standing committee on the power and energy ministry. The honourable prime minister has given me the opportunity to work in the twelfth parliament as well. I have received more opportunities to work.

“No matter what the challenge is, I will receive instructions from the honourable prime minister and will have many wise people with me; I will be able to work under their guidance. I will give my best."

Abdul Wadud, who was entrusted with rural development and cooperatives, said: "Certainly, this is a privilege for me. I will keep the faith of the honourable prime minister, showing the utmost loyalty in my work."

Samsun Naher Chapa, the state minister for education, said: "This is very statisfying. I will work my best following the instructions of our leader. I personally love to work."

The President Md Shahabuddin administered their oath at Bangabhaban at 7:30pm.

The oath-taking ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Speaker Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury, other members of the cabinet, members of parliament, and distinguished individuals.