Over 400 tourists stranded on St Martin’s island amid rough weather

Authorities suspend vessel operations as a low pressure system intensifies over the Bay of Bengal

Teknaf Correspondentbdnews24.com
Published : 16 Nov 2023, 01:52 PM
Updated : 16 Nov 2023, 01:52 PM

Hundreds of tourists have been stranded on St Martin’s island in Cox’s Bazar because of rough weather.

A low pressure system intensified over the Bay of Bengal on Thursday, forcing the authorities to suspend vessel operations and stranding over 400 tourists on the island.

More than 500 tourists set sail from Teknaf to the island onboard the Sindabad, Atlantic and MV Bar Auliya ships on Wednesday morning after over 150 tourists landed on the island overnight.

Around 300 passengers returned to Teknaf in the afternoon, according to Adnan Chowdhury, chief executive of Teknaf Upazila administration.

All tourists staying on the island have been advised to stay safe as the movement of ships, speedboats and trawlers remains suspended until further notice.

Bangladesh Meteorological Department asked the ports to hoist cautionary signal No. 3.

Bangladesh's coastal areas and seaports may experience gusty winds and the sea is likely to get rough.

The region has been experiencing light to moderate rainfall since Wednesday afternoon.