Dhaka Elevated Expressway opens exit ramp near FDC

16 of the major Dhaka infrastructure project’s ramps have been opened to traffic so far

Staff Correspondentbdnews24.com
Published : 20 March 2024, 06:37 AM
Updated : 20 March 2024, 06:37 AM

The Dhaka Elevated Expressway exit ramp near the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation in the Karwan Bazar section has opened to traffic.

Minister of Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader inaugurated the ramp on Wednesday morning. It is the 16th ramp of the expressway to open.

Prior to the inauguration, Quader said, “On Sept 3 last year, the elevated expressway section from the airport to Farmgate was opened. Now the ramp to Karwan Bazar has been opened. It is an Eid present from the prime minister to the people of our country.”

“This project will not be completed this year, but we will be able to open all of it near the start of next year. The Hatirjheel ramp will open next. That is how work is proceeding.”

Asked whether any new initiatives had been taken considering the congestion typical during Ramadan, the minister said, “During Ramadan, people are caught up with Eid. They go to shopping malls. So, there will be a bit of traffic congestion. But there’s no traffic jam from Uttara to Motijheel. People don’t need to wait as long. Now we have the elevated expressway. It will slowly improve. It won’t happen all at once.”

Questioned about his inability to stop the use of unfit buses in his 12 years as minister, Quader said, “I am a minister, so I don’t work on repairing buses. And if we halt these buses, you [journalists] will be the first to take to the streets, saying how we are hurting the people. During these 12 years, we haven’t been idle. The Padma Bridge has been completed. The metro rail has been completed. Why do you bring up these 12 years? So much work has been done under this ministry. Everything will be addressed. Give us time.”

Regarding the BRT project, the road transport minister said, “The project has been delayed. But it too will be completed.”

The Dhaka Elevated Expressway runs 19.73 km in length. Including ramps, the length stretches to 46.73 km. The flyover has a total of 31 ramps.

On Sept 3 last year, the government partially opened the section of the mega project from the Kawla area near the airport to traffic – about 11.5 km. The section had 15 ramps.

“So far, 72.51 percent of the project has been completed,” according to Project Director Shahabuddin Khan. Currently, work is ongoing on the Hatirjheel and Panthakunja sections. An on-ramp will be opened next to [the Pan Pacific] Sonargaon Hotel.”