German diplomat in Dhaka tweets injuries from an open manhole. Mayor Atiqul steps in

Jan Janowski was walking in the Gulshan area when the accident occurred. The Dhaka North City Corporation has since covered the manhole

Published : 22 Nov 2022, 08:48 AM
Updated : 22 Nov 2022, 08:48 AM

Jan Janowski, the deputy head of the German mission in Dhaka, has been injured after falling into an open manhole in Dhaka’s Gulshan.

Dhaka North City Corporation Mayor Atiqul Islam has since overseen the covering of the manhole.

The diplomat posted a photo of his injured foot while sitting in a wheelchair on Twitter on Monday. It was unclear when the accident occurred.

“I like #Dhaka, but I always knew that eventually I will fall into one of the uncovered manholes at night - even though I pay extra close attention to the streets,” he wrote on Twitter.

The tweet caught the attention of Mayor Atiqul Islam, who tweeted at the German diplomat three hours later, apologising for the incident and asking where it had taken place. Janowski responded that the accident occurred on Road 80 in Gulshan-2, near the Nordic Club.

“Thanks again for your many great initiatives to make the city more accessible!” he added.

Islam then sent two colleagues to survey the situation and promised to have the manhole covered by the following day.

He later sent another reply to Janowski showing photos of the covered manhole.

Janowski thanked Islam for the prompt response, saying he was glad that Dhaka residents were safer now.

Bernd Spanier, deputy head of the EU delegation in Dhaka, also responded to Janowski, saying that he, too, had stumbled into an uncovered manhole on the streets of the capital. He said he was ‘lucky’ that he wasn’t injured, but had ripped open his suit.

“[S]o that makes three germans as victims of gulshan streets in one year,” Janowski replied.