Pori Moni testifies against businessman Nasir in attempted rape case

The actress is scheduled to continue her testimony against businessman Nasir and the other suspects on Jan 11

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Published : 29 Nov 2022, 07:37 AM
Updated : 29 Nov 2022, 07:37 AM

Actress Pori Moni has testified in court against businessman Nasir U Mahmood, Tuhin Siddique Omi and Shahidul Alam in a case over attempted rape and murder.

She did not complete the testimony at the hearing on Tuesday and Dhaka Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal Judge Mohammad Hemayet Uddin then set Jan 11 for her to continue.

During her testimony, she was supported by her lawyer Nilanjana Rifat Surovi and tribunal prosecutor Shahidul Islam Dhali. The actress had described the incident in her testimony, Surovi told reporters.

The three suspects in the case were indicted on May 18.

Pori Moni accused Nasir, a real estate businessman and former Uttara Club chief, of attempting to rape and murder her at the Dhaka Boat Club on Jun 8 last year. Later on Jun 18, she filed a case over the incident with Savar Police, where she also claimed that Omi had lured her to the club as part of a plan to assault her. A total of six suspects were accused in the case.

Nasir and Omi were later arrested from a home in Dhaka’s Uttara, where they were found in possession of alcohol and illegal drugs. Police then filed a narcotics case against the suspects.

Around 11:30 pm on Jun 8, 2021, Pori Moni, her costume designers Jimi, 30, Omi, 40, and Bonny, 20, left her home in Banani and headed for Uttara in two separate vehicles, the case dossier says. On the way, Omi said that he had to stop at the Dhaka Boat Club in the Beribadh area for a few minutes.

They arrived at the Dhaka Boat Club around 12:20 pm. The club was closed, so Omi called a person on the phone. The security guard at the club later opened the gates. Omi entered and urged the others to get out of their vehicles as well, saying the area was pleasant.

Bonny, Pori Moni’s cousin, asked to use the bathroom near the bar. As they were leaving the bathroom, Nasir called them over and urged them to sit at the bar and have some coffee with him.

Pori Moni says in the case that they tried to turn down the invitation, but Omi was pressuring them to sit down and drink alcohol with Nasir. When she refused, Nasir tried to force a bottle of alcohol into her mouth, which damaged her front teeth and lips.

Nasir allegedly cursed, touched her body and attempted to rape her. In his agitation, he broke the glasses and alcohol bottles on the table and threw the glass shards at her. When costume designer Jimi tried to stop him, he was beaten and injured, according to the case details.

Pori Moni said she tried to dial the 999 emergency line on her phone, but it was snatched from her hands. Omi and four other unnamed suspects were helping Nasir at this point and they all touched her inappropriately and attempted to aid the rape. However, with the support of her companions, Pori Moni said she escaped the scene in a car around 3 am in a nearly unconscious state.

Investigator Kamal Hossain, the inspector at Savar Model Police Station, submitted the charge sheet against three of them for attempting to rape and murder the film actress on Sept 6.

On Aug 4, 2021, law enforcers also raided the home of Pori Moni, found narcotics and arrested her. A case was filed at Banani Police Station the next day. A court indicted the actress on charges of keeping banned alcohol and drugs at her home on Jan 5. That case is ongoing.