Stripe’s Song of the Day: Red Velvet – Ladies Night

The city pop-flavoured bop is an ode to cherishing the time you get with your friends

Fabian Hasan Khan
Published : 5 Feb 2023, 10:30 AM
Updated : 5 Feb 2023, 10:30 AM

Stripe’s Song of the Day is a regular feature showcasing the music that is currently stuck in our heads. Every week, contributors will string together their daily picks and a playlist of the week’s tracks will be available on Friday.   

For the second song of the day, there are few EPs more fitting than The ReVe Festival: Day 2 by Red Velvet, the K-pop group with the perfect discography.

Known as the 'B-Side Queens', their untouchable discography doesn't have a single miss. When many critics thought the era of girl groups was long past, Red Velvet's consistency and longevity has truly proven them wrong.

'Ladies Night' is the kind of song you sing along to while on a road trip with friends. Swelling strings lead to a city pop-flavoured burst of horn and guitar lines. With a gorgeous flute in the background, Irene and the rest of Red Velvet sing about a long-awaited night in each other's company.

While the title might suggest a pump-up song for a night out, you'd be wrong. The lyrics reflect on the group's friendship and cherishing the time you get with your friends. If you identify as a girl, that's just a plus!

The steady drums, clean electric guitar, sweet violins, and playful flute combine with Red Velvet’s amazing harmonies to blow you away.

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