Stripe's Song of the Day: OutKast - B.O.B

A manic blitz of creativity, 'B.O.B' heralded the future of pop and hip-hop

Shoumik Hassin
Published : 13 Feb 2023, 10:30 AM
Updated : 13 Feb 2023, 10:30 AM

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Writing about 'B.O.B (Bombs Over Baghdad)' really feels like dancing about architecture.

What are you going to say about it that properly captures the exciting, ecstatic energy of André 3000 tearing through a field of purple grass in a yellow tracksuit followed by dozens of sprinting children?

The lead single off the duo's colossal Stankonia is a complete blitzkrieg at 155 beats per minute, rampaging through André and Big Boi's catalogue of styles and influences.

Spacey Sun-Ra psychedelia? Wild, sawing Hendrix guitars? Crunk dancefloor drum hits? 90s hip-hop record scratches? Rapturous, ecstatic gospel choir? It's all there, and it slaps.

That beat is truly special though. Outkast lived and died by the contrast in texture and temperament of its two titanic personalities. But the beat in 'B.O.B' weaves André's winding, unexpected flow and Big Boi's tight, staccato jabs together seamlessly.

The entire track feels lightyears ahead of its 2000 release, a divination and distillation of the future of pop and hip-hop.

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