Former Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa will return next week
The former Sri Lankan president will arrive in his homeland on Aug 24, local broadcaster Newsfirst reports
Myanmar junta hits back at ASEAN after being barred from meetings
The country’s military leadership accuses the group of Southeast Asian countries of caving to ‘external pressure’ for excluding its generals from regional gatherings
Dubai airport to see pre-pandemic monthly passenger volumes by end of 2023
The Middle East hub could see monthly passenger traffic return to pre-pandemic levels in the latter half of next year, the operator of Dubai International Airport says
Germany and Israel condemn Palestinian president's Holocaust remark
During a visit to Berlin on Tuesday, Abbas accused Israel of committing "50 Holocausts" in response to a question
Echoes of dire 1970s in today's Britain
Like almost 50 years ago, Britain today faces double-digit inflation driven by soaring energy costs that will financially cripple the most vulnerable households
Musk's tweets about buying Manchester United no joke for fed-up fans
Musk's tweet about buying the Old Trafford outfit offered a glimmer of hope for the disgruntled fanbase. Then he said it was all a joke
UK inflation tops 10%, highest since 1982
The increase in British consumer price inflation intensifies the squeeze on households, official figures show
Rohingya refugees in India's capital to be given flats, security
The new provisions signal a change in the Indian government's stance towards members of the Muslim minority from Myanmar
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
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