Bus driver arrested in Dhaka for 'assaulting' passengers

Angry locals in Mirpur handed the driver over to police as he assaulted several passengers after locking the vehicle's door

Senior Correspondent
Published : 19 Jan 2023, 05:50 AM
Updated : 19 Jan 2023, 05:50 AM

Police arrested a bus driver who allegedly beat up some passengers after locking them inside the vehicle in Dhaka’s Mirpur.

The arrestee, identified as 30-year-old Jony, was detained by agitated locals in Mirpur-11 before police arrested him following a 999 call, according to Pallabi Police Station chief Md Parvej Islam.

The bus, operated by Projapoti Paribahan, was on its way to Mirpur-12 on Wednesday night when the driver had an altercation with some passengers after one of them wanted to get off the vehicle at the Mirpur-11 stand, Md Parvej said, quoting witnesses.

At one point, the driver got off his seat and slapped a passenger and then began beating a few others after locking the vehicle's door, the police officer added.

The driver’s assistant also assaulted a few passengers, but he managed to escape, according to the police. The owner of the bus later took the vehicle from the police station.

Asked if the driver of the bus would be let off the hook, Parvej said police are waiting to see if any passenger files a written complaint in connection with the matter.