Chhatra League factions clash at Chattogram University

A squabble over 'trifling issues' escalated after midnight near the Shah Amanat Hall and Suhrawardy Hall

Published : 30 Jan 2024, 05:34 AM
Updated : 30 Jan 2024, 05:34 AM

Tensions flared at Chattogram University after two factions of the Bangladesh Chhatra League, Varsity Express (VEx) and Choose Friends with Care (CFC), clashed over 'trifling disagreements'.

The two groups squared off near the Shah Amanat and Suhrawardy residential halls in the early hours of Tuesday.

The clashes erupted when a CFC member reportedly slapped a VEx member, according to VEx leader Pradeep Chakraborty Durjoy, former CU Chhatra League vice president.

Senior members of both groups intervened to de-escalate the situation, said CFC leader Sadaf Khan, also a former CU Chhatra League vice president

Assistant Proctor Nazmul Hasan said that 'trivial matters' sparked the clash, with police later intervening to restore order. No one was injured in the conflict, according to him.

The groups are divided by their loyalty to different ruling party leaders, with VEx members backing Chattogram Awami League General Secretary AJM Nasiruddin and CFC adherents supporting Education Minister Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury Nowfel.