Jhumon Das gets bail in digital security case on condition he makes no ‘provocative’ comments

The Sunamganj native was arrested in August for a ‘provocative’ social media post

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Published : 13 Nov 2022, 10:39 AM
Updated : 13 Nov 2022, 10:39 AM

The High Court has granted bail to Jhumon Das, arrested in a digital security case for making a ‘provocative’ post on Facebook, on the condition that he does not spread any more inflammatory rhetoric.

Justice Md Selim and Justice Md Riaz Uddin Khan heard a bail petition and granted interim bail for six months on Sunday.

“The Sunamganj court scrapped Jhumon Das’s bail on Sept 26 and we then took the matter to the High Court,” said lawyer Taposh Kanti Bol.

“He will not be able to express any opinion on social media that sow religious discord or inflame communal tensions,” Taposh said, referring to the condition attached to the bail.

Two and a half years after a previous brush with the law over a previous Facebook post, Jhumon was taken from his home in Shalla's Noagaon village to the police station for questioning on Aug 29. Police later registered a case and placed him under arrest.

According to Sunamganj's Additional Superintendent of Police Suman Mia, Jhumon made a 'provocative' post on Facebook on Aug 28, which led to the arrest.

Jhumon had previously drawn the ire of Hifazat-e Islam after accusing the radical group's then joint secretary general Mamunul Haque of 'communalism' on social media on Mar 15, 2020.

On Mar 17, a group of people, chanting slogans in favour of Hifazat leaders Mamunul and Junaid Babu Nagari, attacked about 90 homes of Hindu residents over Jhumon's ‘offensive post’.

Later, a case was filed at the Shalla Police Station against Jhumon under the Digital Security Act. He was arrested and languished in jail for six months before securing a one-year bail from the High Court in September 2021.

Police and locals also started a case against 1,500 Hifazat supporters over the attack on Hindu homes.

Jhumon’s wife Sweety Rani Das has claimed that the family has faced threats of violence and harassment to settle the initial case.

Jhumon petitioned for bail in the second Digital Security Act case on Sept 4. The court denied the bail petition. It was later brought before the Sunamganj District and Sessions Judge’s Court, which denied bail as well. Jhumon then took his petition to the High Court.