Do not stockpile food after bulk buying during Ramadan: Hasina

Bangladesh has enough supplies for the Islamic month, according to the prime minister

Published : 13 March 2023, 01:22 PM
Updated : 13 March 2023, 01:22 PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has asked citizens to refrain from stockpiling food after bulk buying during Ramadan as the country has enough supplies for the Islamic month.

The tendency to over-accumulate food in fear that prices might rise could waste commodities, Hasina said at a media conference organised on Monday after recently returning from a visit to Qatar.

“Buy what you need when you need it,” she said.

Hasina also pointed at people who stockpile all the time and the opposition party that, she said, tries to “cause problems everywhere”.

“These things will happen but don’t be confused. We are trying our best to relieve people of stress during Ramadan.”

Hasina said Bangladesh would not face any crisis with 2.1 million tonnes of rice already in stock.

As many as 10 million families were receiving rice at Tk 30 per kg through “fair price cards”. Along with rice, lentils, oil and sugar, these families could get chickpeas as well, she added.

Hasina also mentioned that another 10 million people poorer than that could buy the commodities at Tk 15 per kg, using the card.

“To those who are completely unable to work, we are providing 30 kg of rice a month through VGD and VGF.”