Hasina urges vigilance against profiteering of essentials during Ramadan

The prime minister decries practices such as adulteration and stockpiling of commodities that destabilise the market

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Published : 16 March 2023, 08:20 AM
Updated : 16 March 2023, 08:20 AM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has denounced traders who engage in food adulteration, stockpiling, profiteering and other nefarious practices that destabilise the commodity market ahead of Ramadan.

She called on everyone to remain wary of attempts to create crises of essentials during the upcoming Muslim holy month while virtually inaugurating another 50 model mosques across the country on Thursday, state news agency BSS reports.

Hasina also urged imams and scholars to raise awareness about the issue through their sermons at mosques to thwart the malaise of price gouging.

"Ramadan is approaching. Some unscrupulous businessmen are trying to increase the prices of commodities."

Labelling such practices as 'contemptible', Hasina added that there was no need to add to people's woes by increasing the prices of essentials when they are busy fasting and offering prayers.

Hasina has opened 150 mosques in three phases since June 2021. The initiative will see the government build 564 mosques at a cost of Tk 94.35 billion.

Construction of the remaining mosques is scheduled to be completed by June 2024, according to BSS.

The model mosques and Islamic cultural centres will be equipped with air-conditioning systems and include separate spaces for ablution and prayers.

These will also serve as research centres with their own libraries, and conference rooms for Islamic cultural activities, and provide pre-primary education and Quran learning services.