Pakistan’s Imran Khan wins bail in multiple cases from anti-terrorist court: Bloomberg News

He was granted bail by an anti-terrorist court in Islamabad

Published : 23 May 2023, 09:03 AM
Updated : 23 May 2023, 09:03 AM

Pakistan's former prime minister Imran Khan was granted bail in multiple cases by an anti-terrorist court in Islamabad, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday.

Khan on Tuesday was questioned by an anti-graft agency on corruption charges, his lawyer said, less than a week after he rejected a summons to appear and denounced the allegations against him.

Khan, who says corruption charges have been concocted, is embroiled in a confrontation with the powerful military, which has ruled Pakistan directly or overseen civilian governments throughout its history.

Khan was arrested and detained on May 9, sparking widespread protests by his supporters, and raising new worries about the stability of the nuclear-armed country as it struggles with its worst economic crisis in decades.