Baby bombshell: Shakib, Bubly announce they have a son together

The actors shared photos of their two-year-old son on social media, putting an end to years of speculation about them having an affair

Glitz Desk
Published : 30 Sept 2022, 09:03 AM
Updated : 30 Sept 2022, 09:03 AM

Bangladeshi actors Shabnom Bubly and Shakib Khan have revealed that they are the parents of a two-year-old boy in separate posts on social media

Bubly put an end to years of speculation about her relationship with the Dhallywood star on Friday when she shared pictures of the toddler, Shakib and herself on Facebook.

“Shehzad Khan Bir is my and Shakib Khan's son. Our little prince. My child is my pride, my strength. We are requesting your prayers for our child,” she wrote.

Shakib made a similar post on the social media platform, but used only one photo of himself and the child. He too asked for everyone’s blessings for the baby.

Two years ago, Shakib was with Bubly for a few months in the United States, fuelling rumours of an affair. Recently, on Sept 27, the speculation only intensified when Bubly posted photos of her baby bump.

A number of netizens took it as confirmation that Bubly was on the verge of motherhood two years ago.

“We wanted to bring our child in front of the public at the right time. Whatever Allah does, he does it for our betterment. We didn’t have to wait long to share the good news with everyone,” Bubly said.