Slain blogger Niloy’s wife says killers hacked him shouting ‘Nara-e-Takbir’

Asha Moni, the wife of slain blogger, says four youths shouting ‘Nara-e-Takbir’ hacked Niladri Chatterjee Niloy to death before her.

Published : 7 August 2015, 05:11 PM
Updated : 7 August 2015, 05:11 PM

She said she was at home during Friday afternoon’s incident.

According to her, a youth, aged about 25, entered the flat saying he would like to rent it and that he had already spoken to the house’s owner.

“He appeared to have sent text message to someone from his mobile phone,” she said.

Moni said she informed her husband, who was working on his laptop in the bedroom, when the youth did not leave even after taking a look at the flat.

“But several youths entered the house as soon as Niloy asked the youth to leave.

“One of them with beard hit Niloy’s hand with a machete shouting ‘Nara-e-Takbir Allahu Akbar’,” she added.

Moni said she pleaded with the assailants not to kill her husband but the attackers dragged her to the veranda and confined her there.

Niloy’s username on social networking sites was Niloy Neel. He used to blog against communalism and fundamentalism under this name on website ‘Istishon’ (Station).

The couple lived on the fourth floor of the flat that was sublet in Gorhan. The flat has two bedrooms, two verandas, a kitchen and another small room.

The family rented one of the bedrooms and the small room.

He had married Moni two years ago against the wishes of both their families.

Moni’s younger sister Ishrat Tanni, who was visiting them, was in the kitchen during the assault.

“They (the attackers) confined her to another veranda when she shouted for help,” she said.

They left after striking Niloy in the head and neck with sharp weapons.

Moni said one of the attackers was carrying a black pistol.

She also said her husband’s laptop had been missing since the attack.

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