Bangladesh consumer watchdog has launched a website for complaints. Here's what you need to know

Consumers must first create a profile with their active mobile number and national identity card details before registering their complaint

Published : 19 Jan 2023, 06:46 AM
Updated : 19 Jan 2023, 06:46 AM

The Directorate of National Consumers Right Protection has launched a new website with the promise of bringing a one-stop solution to the 'people's doorsteps'. Consumers can now conveniently lodge complaints with the directorate using the portal.

AHM Shafiquzzaman, the watchdog's director general, inaugurated the ‘Consumer Complaint Management System’ site on Wednesday.

“People can now file complaints from anywhere if they have the mobile app. The department will also be able to monitor issues better,” Shafiquzzaman said.

The CCMS is divided into two parts. One is the complaint portal, and the other is the administrative panel. The complaint portal ( is open to all.

Consumers have to first create a profile with their mobile number and national identity card. Afterwards, they will be able to report their complaint.

"We have managed to reach over 40 million people with our videos on social media. It would have been very difficult to contact those consumers directly,” Shafiquzzaman said.

"So, I thought that if there was an app, people would be able to file complaints from anywhere and we can also monitor the situation well."

The new service also allows consumers to attach audio, video, and images with any complaint.

The experimental portal will only operate in the Dhaka division for the next three months. Later, it will be rolled out across the entire country. The directorate is hoping to develop a mobile app within these three months.


Complaints can be registered under a total of four categories - food, products, medicine, and services. If anyone wants to file any grievances outside of these four categories, they will have to visit the directorate in person and register the complaint in writing.


Complaints will be resolved within 60 working days after filing.

An SMS will be sent to the consumer after a complaint is received, which will be followed by a hearing. The consumer will be informed about the location of the hearing. They will also be notified about whether the complaint was settled, if any fines were levied, or if another hearing would be taking place.


Consumers will be able to file complaints completely free of charge. An aggrieved consumer will receive 25 percent of any fine that is subsequently imposed.

Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher