Bangladesh relaxes age eligibility for some govt jobs due to pandemic

Applicants who reached the age limit of 30 on Mar 25, 2020 will be eligible for recruitment until June 2023

Senior Correspondent
Published : 22 Sept 2022, 09:22 AM
Updated : 22 Sept 2022, 09:22 AM

The government has further relaxed the age restriction for people seeking to apply for public sector jobs to mitigate the effects of the pandemic-induced disruption to the recruitment process.

In an order on Thursday, the public administration ministry instructed government bodies and agencies publishing job adverts to count an applicant's age from Mar 25, 2020.

This means the candidates who were 30 years old on Mar 25, 2020 will be eligible for recruitment until Jun 30, 2023, adding 39 months to the age limit for government jobs.

The public administration ministry has asked all other ministries and divisions to specify the maximum age limit when they send out job circulars. But the rule will not be applicable to the Bangladesh Civil Service.

Job seekers have long been demanding that the government raise the age ceiling for public sector jobs, which is currently 30 years.

The government has made concessions on the matter on two occasions since the start of the pandemic.

Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher