Suspect accused in 23 cases killed in ‘gunfight’ with RAB in Narayanganj

The deadly ‘shootout’ occurs nearly a year after the US imposed sanctions on the force for ‘serious violation of human rights’

Published : 10 Nov 2022, 08:54 PM
Updated : 10 Nov 2022, 08:54 PM

A suspect accused in nearly two dozen cases, including some related to murder, robbery and drug trafficking, has been killed in a so-called gunfight with the Rapid Action Battalion in Narayanganj, the elite force has said.

Lt Col Abdullah Al Momen, commander of RAB-1, said the suspect, Shahin Mia alias City Shahin, 35, died at Mugda Medical College Hospital in Dhaka after he was injured in the ‘gunfight’ on Thursday afternoon.

The deadly ‘shootout’ has occurred nearly a year after the US imposed sanctions on the force for ‘serious violation of human rights’.

Momen said Shahin was accused in 23 cases and listed as a top criminal. The RAB’s previous attempts to arrest him had failed.

Following intel, the RAB conducted a raid at Chonpara Rehabilitation Centre in Rupganj around 2pm to arrest him, Momen said.

Sensing the presence of the RAB, Shahin and his associates opened fire and started throwing brick-bats, the RAB official said. Shahin was shot in the leg during the ‘gunbatle’ at Chonpara Balurmath ground and his associates fled, he said.

Shahin was taken to the hospital around 3pm and he died there at 4:30pm.

Several RAB personnel were injured by brick-bats thrown by Shahin’s associates, Momen said.

The RAB was starting several cases over the incident.

Formed in 2004, the RAB has long been accused of human rights violation, including extra-judicial killing and torture in custody. International organisations and western countries condemned the force’s action many times.

The US imposed sanctions on the force and seven of its current and former officials, including its former chief Benazir Ahmed, in December last year.