Hasina warns of stern action against those cheating Hajj pilgrims

Allegations of irregularities in the travel management process for the annual pilgrimage have been addressed through legislative action, she says

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Published : 17 Nov 2022, 09:52 AM
Updated : 17 Nov 2022, 09:52 AM

Agencies that dupe Hajj pilgrims will face severe consequences, said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as she addressed concerns about irregularities in the travel management process for the Islamic pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

"If any agency is found to have cheated or harassed pilgrims, various administrative measures will be taken against it," she said.

The prime minister virtually inaugurated a management conference on the Hajj and Umrah at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre on Thursday.

Hasina said the allegations of mismanagement, irregularities and misconduct in the Hajj travels process have been remedied by legislative action in the form of the Hajj and Umrah Management Act and the rules supplementing it.

She also urged prospective pilgrims to learn about and follow all the rules and regulations set by Saudi Arabia before travelling.

Highlighting the various measures taken by the government to combat terrorism and extremism, Hasina said, "In order to free the country from militancy and preserve the peaceful spirit of Islam, we have adopted a zero tolerance policy to suppress militancy and, accordingly, steps have been taken to prevent children from joining militancy by forming committees involving religious scholars in every area."

"Islam is a religion of peace. But it has been subjected to scrutiny due to certain acts of militancy."

The Awami League chief called on citizens to espouse the teachings of Islam to eradicate illiteracy, violence, terrorism and militancy from society by resisting the forces that misinterpret the religion.

"The Father of the Nation has done a lot in service of Islam. As his successors, we are working relentlessly towards the development of Islam and the people."

The government has taken the initiative to construct 564 'model' mosques in every district and upazila, according to Hasina. "There will be Islamic cultural and research centres to ensure that people know the basic tenets of Islam."