Hasina urges everyone to work together to combat effects of global economic crisis

Bangladesh’s development work has been hampered by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, PM says

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Published : 15 Nov 2022, 09:15 AM
Updated : 15 Nov 2022, 09:15 AM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has warned citizens of fallout from the global economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the sanctions and counter-sanctions related to the Russia-Ukraine war and urged all to work together to fight its impact on Bangladesh.

“It is unfortunate that the country’s development efforts have lost momentum to some extent due to the coronavirus pandemic and the sanctions and counter-sanctions arising from the Russia-Ukraine war. This led to a global recession and we need to prepare to combat it,” Hasina said during the inaugural ceremony of Fire Service and Civil Defence Week 2022 via video conferencing on Tuesday.

She reiterated her instruction urging the people to cultivate all fallow land. "Cultivate something on every inch of arable land and try to fulfil our needs so Bangladesh doesn’t get impacted by the global recession. I urge you all to work together.”

The Awami League government has developed the Fire Service and Civil Defence over the last 14 years, the prime minister said. “It’s the Fire Service that rushes to the scene before anyone else whenever there’s a disaster like a fire, earthquake or building collapse. Even for incidents like ship or launch capsizes, we get the fire service members to conduct rescue operations.”

The Fire Service needs to be modernised and the government has already taken the "necessary initiatives" to increase the skills and capacity of the Fire Service and expand its service, the prime minister said.

”Besides enhancing the service quality of the Fire Service, we’ve focused on the betterment of the officers and staff of the organisation. It’s our duty to look after those people who serve us while risking their own lives.”

The government has arranged full ration and risk allowance for the members of the Fire Service and Civil Defence, introduced combat attire for the operational staff and increased the number of state medals and remuneration, Hasina said.

The prime minister said the government has already donated Tk 200 million to the Fire Service Staff Welfare Trust and would donate an additional Tk 200 million as the workforce has increased.

Hasina also said the Fire Service and Civil Defence members suffer from different diseases at the end of their careers after working amid fire and smoke for a long time. “That’s why we plan to introduce a lifelong ration for them. We’ll implement the plan. We want to increase the workforce of the organisation to 30,000.”

Due to the practical initiatives of the Awami League government, the members of the Fire Service and Civil Defence grew more confident and increased their capability to work, said Hasina.

Bangladesh celebrates Fire Service and Civil Defence Week with certain goals.

“This year our aim is creating awareness among people to enhance the disaster prevention system, engage people in the work of the Fire Service and Civil Defence and boost the confidence of the workforce.”

Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher