Stripe’s Song of the Day: Reneé Rapp – Colorado

An upbeat pop tune about the dream of moving somewhere and finally getting away from yourself is both whimsical and uplifting

Ariya Tabassum Abdullah
Published : 19 May 2023, 01:56 PM
Updated : 19 May 2023, 01:56 PM

‘Colorado’ is the third track off Reneé Rapp’s debut EP, Everything to Everyone, marking an upbeat transition from the melancholic ‘In the Kitchen’. 

“I think my life might be better if I lived in Colorado,” sings Rapp as the drums and echoey synths build an immediate catchiness and add a funky beat. The whimsical and energetic opening speaks to her fantasy of finally leaving Los Angeles behind and moving somewhere she could be better off. 

But it soon becomes clear that Colorado is just that – a fantasy. It’s an empty pipe dream that Rapp doesn’t think she’ll ever reach. From the second verse, the song plays out as a tug-of-war of emotions as she argues the pros and cons of finally taking that big step.

“Cause maybe there I’d like myself, work on my mental health, might even feel compelled to sing karaoke,” she says, thinking of all the ways she could move forward and find a new foundation moving forward.

But the song also includes the wry admission that she probably won’t, “Who am I kidding? I’m addicted to the chip on my shoulder.”

Rapp’s classically trained vocals shine against the airy guitars and driving tempo as she contemplates uprooting but familiar life to move somewhere unknown that could be good for her. She goes back and forth but ultimately chooses not to take the leap and stays stuck in place as she repeats, “I’ll stay right here”. 

With its unflinching delivery, the song finds relatability in picking the unhappy and predictable over the terrifying potential of an unbounded future. It’s an honest pop anthem, at times brutally so.