Awami League didn't discuss seat-sharing in pre-election talks with Jatiya Party: Quader

Quader says the talks between the parties were solely centred on ensuring a free and fair election

Senior Correspondent
Published : 7 Dec 2023, 11:09 AM
Updated : 7 Dec 2023, 11:09 AM

The Awami League did not engage in discussions on the issue of seat-sharing during its meeting with the Jatiya Party ahead of the upcoming national elections, according to its General Secretary Obaidul Quader.

Instead, the talks between the ruling party and the official opposition in the 11th parliament focused on political matters, Quader said at a media briefing on Thursday.

Highlighting the primary agenda of their discussion with the Jatiya Party, Quader emphasised the need to prevent violence, acts of sabotage, and any misuse of force to undermine the electoral process.

The goal was to coordinate and unite with groups supporting the election in order to ensure a free, fair, and peaceful election, he said.

Addressing concerns about the nature of the discussion, Quader said that the Jatiya Party, being a political entity, is entitled to express its views and demonstrate its political strength.

Quader also dismissed concerns over the perceived secrecy surrounding the talks.

"There is no need for secrecy, nor is there a need to exaggerate the situation. It is important for political parties participating in the election to coordinate and counteract negative political tactics employed by certain forces against the electoral process.

"Our commitment is to conduct a free, fair, and peaceful election, and that was the focal point of our discussions."

As the Jan 7 election draws near, Quader highlighted the "increasing desperation" of the opposition to disrupt the electoral process, signified by the violence and arson attacks during the BNP's ongoing blockades and shutdowns.

To address the issue, the Awami League sought to strengthen relationships with political parties advocating for a fair election, including former alliance members such as the Jatiya Party and the 14-Party Allaiance, according to Quader.