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Google's new app to scan, digitise 'memories'
Technology giant Google on Wednesday launched "PhotoScan" app that scans and digitises photos directly from the phone. "PhotoScan" is available for both Android and iOS devices from Wednesday.
Control external monitors with new Windows 10 test update
Microsoft has released its new Windows 10 Creators test version which can let a user control external monitors from tablets without attaching a mouse.
'Shakespeak' is available for download on the Play Store. Photo:
An app for mobile phones has been launched which allows users to text like William Shakespeare.
'MyShake' app, a personal tsunami warning system
When an earthquake strikes literally every second counts. That was the case five years ago when a magnitude-9 quake unleashed a massive tsunami that devastated Japan.
Find out who 'unfriended' you on Facebook
 A new mobile app has been launched to allow people know who "unfriended" them on the popular social networking website Facebook since their last login, a media report said.
Chinese smartphone market, world's largest, shrinks in first-quarter: study
China's smartphone market has reached saturation, according to a new study by industry analyst IDC that carries potentially significant implications for the global handset industry led by giants like ...
Photo: IANS
 If ordinary selfie sticks do not inspire you, try this one that is shaped like a human hand.
App helps spread best posts among friends
Not getting enough "likes" on your posts? Try this app.