What help is UK giving consumers with rising energy bills?
Every household will receive a 400-pound-credit to their energy bills from October
We’re in a bit of trouble: Mannan
He says the global situation is affecting the economy of Bangladesh
German economy to lose $265bn in added value due to war
Germany's price-adjusted GDP will be 1.7% lower next year and there will be about 240,000 fewer people in employment
Ship docks at Mongla Port under transit deal
The ship has carried goods for India’s northeast
Govt measures to ease inflation pain
Pandemic-related disruption to global supply chains and the Russia-Ukraine war are combining to push prices of energy, commodities and basic items higher
Bangladesh sends workers to Malaysia again
Bangladeshi migrant workers are going to Malaysia after a 45-month pause
Petition to block fuel price hike filed with HC
The petition says the govt’s decision was illegal and done without justifiable cause
Japan runs first current account deficit in 5 months
Japan ran a current account deficit for the first time in five months in June as surging imports eclipsed exports
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher