Mintoo is ahead of rivals in assets, debts, income and cases

BNP-backed mayoral candidate in Dhaka North City Corporation Abdul Awal Mintoo is ahead of his rivals including pro-Awami League aspirant Annisul Huq on all four counts—assets, debts, income and cases.

Moinul Hoque
Published : 1 April 2015, 05:14 AM
Updated : 15 August 2015, 03:51 PM

Mintoo is accused in 16 cases while Huq has no case against him.

Sunday was the last day for submission of nominations in Dhaka North and South and Chittagong city corporation elections.

Twenty-one aspirants submitted their nominations for Mayor of Dhaka North.

The Election Commission will publish the final list of candidates after scrutiny of the nominations on Apr 9.

A court order requires candidates in all local government elections to submit seven types of information including their assets, income, debts, educational qualifications and cases against them.

The order provides for making the declarations public by the commission.

Annisul Huq

Businessman Annisul Huq said in his declaration that he was involved with 22 business organisations, including Mohammadi Group. He has no case filed against him.

He said his annual income stood at around Tk 7.58 million.

Of that, Tk 240,000 comes from house rent, Tk 2.5 million from business, Tk 161,000 from profit of shares and Tk 4.59 million from other sources including interest on fixed deposit receipts (FDR).

According to the declaration, Huq holds movable assets worth Tk 217.6 million.

They include Tk 19.5 million in cash, Tk 114.8 million worth of bonds, debentures and shares, Tk 35.3 million fixed deposits and Tk 1.11 million worth of gold and other ornaments.

The former FBCCI president said his wife, son and two daughters owned assets valued at Tk 70 million.

Huq and his family’s immoveable assets include agriculture land worth Tk 35.7 million, house/apartments valued at Tk 7 million in his wife’s name and 3.85-katha land in his son and daughters’ names.

Huq-owned businesses owe banks over Tk 15.1 million and  has also collateral-free debts amounting to Tk 52.9 million.

He is an MA, according to the declaration.

Abdul Awal Mintoo

Businessman Mintoo owns 14 business entities.

According to the declaration submitted to the Election Commission, BNP chairperson’s adviser and former FBCCI president Mintoo is accused in 13 cases.

He is on bail in five of the cases and others are pending in courts.

He was acquitted in two other cases and had one stayed by the High Court.

The Multimode Group CEO said he earned Tk 51.8 million annually.

Tk 35 million of that comes from agriculture, Tk 940,000 from house and apartment rent, Tk 9.3 million as remuneration from business entities, Tk 2.43 million from shares, Tk 272,000 from his ‘own profession’ and Tk 3.84 million from other sources.

According to the declaration, he holds moveable assets worth Tk 539.6 million and his wife Tk 43.4 million.

Mintoo owns agriculture and non-agriculture lands valued at Tk 45 million and his wife Tk 5 million. He also shares ownership of a house worth Tk 6.1 million.

His business entities owe banks Tk 2.29 billion. His personal debts stand at around Tk 60 million.

Mintoo said he held an MSc degree.

Sarah Begum Kabori

Former Awami League MP Sarah Begum Kabori said she owned a film production firm, ‘K Production’.

According to her declaration, she annually earns Tk 240,000 from agriculture, Tk 542,442 from business, Tk 201,075 from share and bank deposits, Tk 429,000 from her ‘profession’ and Tk 567,056 from other sources.

She has Tk 7.24 million deposited with banks and Tk 2.83 million foreign exchange, Tk 1.69 million FDR and Tk 120,000 gold.

Kabori owns a six-storied building at Dhaka’s Gulshan.

She passed eight grade.

Tabith Mohammed Awal

Abdul Awal Mintoo’s son Tabith Mohammed Awal has submitted nomination at the last moment.

Deputy CEO of Multimode Group, he is not linked to any political party.

He is involved with 17 business entities.

Awal said his annual income was Tk 12.5 million.

He holds bonds and shares worth Tk 148.1 million and other assets valued at Tk 152.5 million.

Bahahuddin Ahmed

Jatiya Party-backed mayoral aspirant Bahauddin Ahmed said in his declaration that he was ‘literate’.

Party Presidium member Ahmed is a businessman.

He annually earns Tk 527,200 from house rent and other sources.

Ahmed holds Tk 445,905 in cash, Tk 1.28 million business capital and gold worth Tk 180,000.

He owns a two-storied building, 22 warehouses and a flat.

Boby Hajjaj

Son of controversial businessman Musa Bin Shamsher, Hajjaj is a director of Detco Pvt Limited.

An MBA, he annually earns Tk 414,000 from teaching and Tk 213,572 from saving certificates and bank deposits.

Hajjaj holds Tk 60,000 in cash, Tk 69,615 in bank, Tk 50,000 worth of bonds and 5,989 US dollars.

He also owns a car.

Hajjaj lost his position as the special advisor to the Jatiya Party chairman announcing his candidature defying his instruction.