Govt to publish price list for 9 necessities in 7 days: Tipu Munshi

This list will be on display in all shops so that no one can charge extra, says the commerce minister

Published : 16 Sept 2022, 03:02 PM
Updated : 16 Sept 2022, 03:02 PM

The government will publish the price list of nine necessities in the country in accordance with the world market in the next seven days, said Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi.

This list will be on display in all shops so that no one can charge extra, the minister said while talking to reporters at the National Press Club on Friday.

“We have given fifteen days to the Tariff Commission. It may take another 7 days. Besides rods and cement, the market situation of rice, wheat, cooking oil (soyabean oil, palm oil), refined sugar, lentils, onions and eggs is being discussed. Considering the market situation, more new products will be added to the list if necessary.”

The ministry held a meeting on Aug 30 to fix the prices of these products. It was decided that the Tariff Commission will announce a reasonable price after assessing the local and international market conditions of these products.

“The value of workers' sweat is no less than blood. For a sector to be sustainable, the interests of both workers and owners need to be secured. For this, it is necessary to ensure the fair wages of workers as well as the appropriate price of products,” Tipu Munshi said while attending a conference of the National Garment Workers Federation in the capital as a chief guest.

Due to the current market situation and global inflation, it is necessary to review the wages of garment workers now, the commerce minister said, adding that the prices of essential commodities have surged in the world market due to the Russia-Ukraine war and have also increased in Bangladesh.

Workers are suffering and their demand for wage hikes is justified, he added.

For this, it is necessary to form a wage commission and conduct a study on the overall aspects of workers' living costs, product prices, and production costs, according to the minister.

“The wages should be reasonable.”

Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher