Bangladesh lowers LPG prices by Tk 6 per kg for March sales

The price of a 12-kg cylinder will be Tk 1,422, which is Tk 76 less than in February

Published : 2 March 2023, 12:40 PM
Updated : 2 March 2023, 12:40 PM

The government has lowered the prices of liquefied petroleum gas used for cooking by Tk 6.31 per kg for March sales.

The price of a 12-kg cylinder will be Tk 1,422, which is Tk 76 less than in February.

The Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission announced the new LPG prices in a notice on Thursday though the private companies have been ignoring government price instructions over the past few months.

Although the government set the price of 12 kg LPG gas cylinders at Tk 1,498 for February, it is being sold at Tk 1,800 in the market.

The notice mentioned that the Saudi Arabian Oil Group, or Aramco set the prices of propane and butane at $720 and $740 per tonne, respectively, for March sales. The 35:65 proportion mixture of the two put the prices of the gas at $733 per tonne, which was $790 per tonne in March.

So the prices of LPG constituents were lowered by $57 in the international market.

The prices of each kg of reticulated LPG was set at Tk 115.31 for March sales. It was priced at Tk 121.62 in February.

The government fixed the price of Autogas, or LPG used in vehicles, at Tk 62.22 per litre, which is Tk 7.49 less than in February.

According to the revised prices, a 5.5 kg cylinder costs Tk 652, 15 kg cylinders Tk 1778 each, 16 kg cylinders Tk 1,897 each, 18 kg cylinders Tk 2,134 each, 20 kg cylinders Tk 2,371 each, 22 kg cylinders Tk 2,608 each, 25 kg cylinders Tk 2,964 each, 30 kg cylinders Tk 3,557 each, 33 kg cylinders Tk 3,912 each, 35 kg cylinders Tk 4,150 each, 45 kg cylinders Tk 5,334 each.