Child labourer

Child labour deprives children of their childhood
Child labourers live in the same world as you and I, but their reality and struggles differ entirely from ours.
Child labour: What role do parents play?
Despite the government amending existing laws, financial desperation still drives many children to work hazardous jobs
Repairing motorcycles at the age of 14
"I want to study and complete my education, but there is too much pressure at work"
Why must these tiny shoulders carry the weight of entire families?
Thousands of children in Bangladesh work multiple jobs to support their families. But is the money they earn spent on their well-being, their development and their future? Or is it spent supporting th ...
Children need education and play, not work
Many companies or industries employ children because they are easy to exploit.
Child labourer Hossain wants to become a police officer
Hossain, who works as a hawker, dreams of becoming a police officer after completing his studies.