Bangladesh reduces LPG prices by Tk 3 per kg

In October, consumers will have to pay Tk 100.1 per kg, including VAT

Published : 2 Oct 2022, 12:13 PM
Updated : 2 Oct 2022, 12:13 PM

The Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission, or BERC, has reduced the price of liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG, used for cooking and powering vehicles, by nearly Tk 3 per kilogram for October.

This means, for a 12 kg LPG cylinder, most commonly used in households, consumers have to pay Tk 1,200, as the price stands at Tk 100.1 per kg, including VAT. The price of the cylinder is down Tk 35 from September.

The new price will be effective from 6 pm on Sunday, confirms BERC Chairman Abdul Jalil.

Saudi Aramco's CP price of propane and butane mix for October was set at $570 per tonne. In September, the price was $637 per tonne.

The BERC chairman, however, conceded that the September prices did not reflect in the market as there were still regular reports of consumers still paying above the margins set by the commission throughout the month.

“We are urging the Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection to monitor the market regularly. Hopefully, they will be able to force some changes by taking legal actions,” he said.

At the consumer level, the price of autogas has been fixed at Tk 55.92 per litre for October, including VAT.

The price of the reticulated gas system, an advanced system to supply LPG to households as compared to the conventional cylinder supply, was fixed at Tk 96.78 per kg.