Bangladesh-Russia ties based on ‘friendship and mutual respect’, Putin says

The Russian president sends a congratulatory message to Hamid and Hasina on Bangladesh’s Independence Day

Published : 26 March 2023, 03:43 PM
Updated : 26 March 2023, 03:43 PM

Vladimir Putin has said the relations between Bangladesh and Russia are based on “the good traditions of friendship and mutual respect”.

“I am confident that further development of constructive bilateral cooperation fully meets the core interests of the people of Russia and Bangladesh,” the Russian president said in a congratulatory message on Independence Day on Sunday. 

The cooperation “goes in line with the promotion of regional security and stability”, Putin added in the message to his Bangladesh counterpart Md Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.  

Alexander Mantyskiy, the Russian ambassador in Dhaka, recalled in a statement the support provided by the Soviet Union to Bangladesh during the struggle for independence and to recognise the new sovereign state.

“Hopefully, the joint efforts by Russia and Bangladesh in promoting bilateral trade, economic and energy cooperation will further benefit our peoples.”